This is a self-service online class management system we offer to enrolled clients. It enables clients to manage their absences and book make up and single purchase classes. 


  • To swap a class you can’t attend you need to post it first.
  • Go to Post (top menu). Select your class and click on cancel next to the date you can’t attend. A make up credit will be automatically generated. 
  • To claim a swap go to the Take up option (top menu) and select the class you would like to claim as a swap. You can claim a swap in any compatible class with spaces across our timetable.
  • You can start posting your absences on ClassSwap 6 days before a new half term starts.
  • You have up until 3 hours before a class starts to post your absence.
  • You have¬†10 calendar weeks¬†from the posted class date to claim a make up class.
  • If you accidentally post the wrong class date go to Take up (top menu) and click on ‘claim’ next to the class date you wish to attend.
  • Reformer class absences can be made up in mat classes but not the other way round.


Enrolled clients can also purchase single classes to supplement their regular class. Simply select the Single option (top menu) and then purchase from the classes listed. Notification of your booking will be sent to the teacher and you will receive an email with the payment details. Please arrange payment within 24 hours of booking a single class. Singles cannot be swapped for make ups.

If you are unable to use the system for any reason, please seek help in the first instance from your class teacher.