About Pilates

joseph_pilates_john_lindquist1Pilates is a method of exercise originating from the work of Joseph Pilates, which in his time he called Contrology. He said, “It is the mind which builds the body.” Evidenced by his complete exercise method teaching awareness and control, focused breath work and postural work. Pilates builds your body’s core strength, improves flexibility, balance and stamina through a series of low impact conditioning and stretching exercises. As all movements are controlled and low impact there is little stress placed on the body . It therefore avoids the muscle and joint damage associated with other types of exercise.
Remember, “It is the mind which builds the body”

Pilates is not just another exercise system. Pilates’ principles and fundamentals carry over into every day life and other sporting activities and they will improve your quality of movement and well being. Physiotherapists, osteopaths and doctors are now recommending the holistic approach of Pilates as one of the safest forms of exercise today.

Pilates is suitable for everyone, from teens right into the 90s, from couch potatoes to elite athletes. If you are a professional athlete looking to improve performance and function, someone wanting to alleviate pain or you are simply looking to achieve a healthier level of fitness then consider Pilates allowing your mind and body to work in harmony.

What style of Pilates can you expect at Pure Moves?
There are many forms and variations of Joseph Pilates contrology exercises, but most teaching will fall into either ‘classical’ or ‘contemporary’ groups. The ‘classical’ method closely follows the original Joseph Pilates regime with exercises being performed in a particular order in every class.

At Pure Moves we offer a contemporary approach. This is an adaptive style which allows for greater flexibility in it’s teaching, to suit client’s individual needs and 21st century lifestyles. Contemporary teaching takes the bio-mechanical principles of Pilates and applies them to all physical movement. This is why this method works particularly well for sports people and rehabilitation.

Our Pilates teachers have all been professionally trained to the highest standards from teaching establishments such as Body Control Pilates and the Pilates Foundation. Pure Moves teachers have backgrounds in both ‘classical’ and ‘contemporary’ training and their expert knowledge of Joseph Pilates exercises will help you get the very best from every class that you attend.

Liz Chandler, the director of Pure Moves has produced three Pilates DVDs 

They are a great supplement to your weekly classes and features mat and standing exercises that you can do at home.  They are available to buy online from our website at £12 but if you are taking any of the Pilates classes at Pure Moves, whether with Liz or one of the other teachers you can buy them at the special studio price of £10.