We receive great feedback from our clients, here are a few comments…

The teaching is superb and I really appreciate how well the studio has kept classes going through lockdown. I couldn’t recommend Pure Moves more highly.

Sarah Layzell, 9/2/21

I will be very sorry to say goodbye to Pure Moves, I have been a client for ten years and Pilates has become a big part of my life. I have had a lovely group of teachers who have challenged and nurtured me. It’s been a joyful experience!

Ruth Angel, July 2021

If you are thinking of taking up Pilates or looking for a new studio I highly recommend Pure Moves. I’ve been a client for a few years and its a wonderful centre for learning Pilates. The teachers are highly accomplished, professional and encouraging. The studio has a warm, friendly feel and I’ve made two fantastic new friends within my class!

Amanda Brint, February 2021

Pure Moves has adapted so well and enabled me to continue with Pilates throughout this pandemic via zoom. Clare has worked tirelessly to give such good lessons. It has helped me to stay fit and so good for my mind!

Addie Schwartz, February 2021

I have been so grateful for the safe space that Liz has created to meet face to face in the studio. Having gone through all the Covid guidelines to resume my own clinical practice, I can see how much detailed attention Liz has paid to making sure all protocols are followed. The result is I get the pleasure of being able to completely relax knowing that she is holding all the health and safety side, so that we can all meet together with confidence. Thank you! It has been so great coming back to your beautiful studio.

Rebecca Smart (NHS Art Psychotherapist), October 2020

I wanted to say a big thank you  for the work you have done to move everything online, keep us connected and flexible! It has really made a difference to my mental health being able to attend my weekly class with Clare (who is amazing by the way!) Thank you again for all you do.

Michelle Harradence, May 2020

I just wanted to let you know that I can feel that Pilates is helping me. I am becoming more aware of my core and when I do and when I don’t use it, when I should. It’s such a positive development as I can see my way forward more.

Cathy Cole (Liz’s Monday Better Bones), July 2020

Probably the best Pilates teachers in Frome are on offer here, Liz Chandler is my teacher and is incredibly knowledgeable about the intricate workings of our bodies and her eagle eye spots anyone in her class who could do with adjusting in a position. There are Pilates classes… and there is Pure Moves.

Michael Dunk, March 2020

Liz Chandler is a lifesaver. She has kept me mobile and able to work when physios, chiropractors and osteopaths have failed. I do two classes a week 1 mat and 1 equipment and have found this is perfect for me although I would do another if I could. I feel safe with Liz, she is a hands on teacher with a wealth of knowledge and experience. I have recommended her classes to friends and none of them have been disappointed. We go for coffee after the class at Forward Space just above the studio who do a discounted rate for Pure Moves clients, its my reset moment of the week and I love it.

Dide Lucas, Jan 2020

There are a plethora of Pilates teachers around! However, it is very rare to find such high quality ones, which they ALL are at Pure Moves. Every teacher is hand picked by Liz Chandler, the owner. It isn’t just a job to them, their passion and vast knowledge really helps every individual who attends a class.

I have two equipment classes with Trish and Debbie and a mat class with Liz. They are extremely patient and all want us to improve in whatever areas we need to and more. Great camaraderie in the classes, friendships made and we all leave feeling taller, happier and moving better. I really can’t imagine life without Pure Moves and it is definitely worth driving a distance to attend a class. Just brilliant!

Susie Fitzgerald, Jan 2020

 I have really enjoyed your class and found it extremely beneficial. I have learned a great deal about how to improve my lower back problem and use my core muscles to support my back.

Ian Butterworth (Clare’s Tuesday 10.20am), October 2018

Sophy Griffiths is a superb, very knowledgeable, caring and sympathetic Pilates teachers. Her understanding of the workings and potential of body and mind, to strengthen, energize and become healthier is wonderful. I feel fitter now than I did before I had a nasty ‘crush’ accident in 1997!

Marcia Girard , August 2017

Oh Liz – you have  no idea how luck I consider myself to have found your classes…but I look forward to them and come away feeling taller, calmer, stronger.

Kate Russell, July 2017

I also want to tell you that  my back is standing up to my resuming gardening duties in away it would not have done last year. Many thanks. I will do my stretches and exercises in the holiday, I find it really relaxing and sleep much better as a result.

Gwyneth Evans, February 2017

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