Pilates Timetable

To find out if we have spaces in your preferred class please contact us.

1:1s for both mat, reformer, rehabilitation, postural improvement and sports performance work are available at times across the week.

All mat classes take place in our main studio and Reformer classes are in our small studio.

Click here to view our term dates. You can join at any time during a term.

9:05–10:05amReformer classAndy Watson
9:30–10:30amMat beginners & mixed abilities Tessa Clist
10:15–11:15amReformer classAndy Watson
10:45–11:45amMat beginners & mixed abilitiesTessa Clist
11:25–12:25pmReformer classAndy Watson
12:35-1:35pmReformer classTessa Clist
1:45-2:45pmReformer classTessa Clist
4:30 –5:30pmMat Better Bones & slow pacedLiz Chandler
5:30–6:30pmReformer classTrish Smith
5:45-6:45pmMat beginners & mixed abilitiesLiz Chandler
7:00–8:00pmMat beginners & mixed abilitiesTrish Smith
7:40-8:40amReformer classDebbie Greaves
8:55– 9:45amReformer classDebbie Greaves
9:15–10:15amMat beginners & mixed abilitiesClare Hoddinott
10:20-11:20amReformer classLiz Chandler
10:30-11:30amMat slow paced mixed abilitiesClare Hoddinott
11:30-12:30pmReformer classLiz Chandler
11:45-12:45pmMat slow paced mixed abilitiesClare Hoddinott
5:45–6:45pmMat beginners & mixed abilitiesClare Hoddinott
7:00–8:00pmMat beginners & mixed abilitiesClare Hoddinott
8:10-9:10pmMat intermediateClare Hoddinott
9:15–10:15amMat beginners & mixed abilities Trish Smith
10:30–11:30amMat beginners & mixed abilities Trish Smith
11:45-12:45pmReformer class Trish Smith
12:15-1:15pmMat beginners coming soon
5:20-6:20pm Reformer classDebbie Greaves
5:45–6:45pmMat beginners & mixed abilitiesLiz Chandler
6:35-7:35pmReformer classDebbie Greaves
7:00–8:00pmMat intermediateLiz Chandler
8:10–9:10pmMat beginners & mixed abilitiesLiz Chandler
8:45–9:45amMat beginners & mixed abilitiesLiz Chandler
8:45– 9:45amReformer classTrish Smith
10:00-11:00amReformer classTrish Smith
10:00–11:00amMat fast paced & beginners Liz Chandler
11:15–12:15pm Mat advancedLiz Chandler
12:30–1:30pmMat slow paced & beginners / rehabLiz Chandler
1:00-2:00pmReformer classHelen Goddard
5:45-6:45pmMat beginners & mixed abilitiesClare Hoddinott
7:00–8:00pmMat beginnersJane Langley
8:45-9:45amReformer classDebbie Greaves
10:00-11:00amReformer classDebbie Greaves
11:00–12:00pmMat slow paced & beginnersClare Hoddinott
11:15-12:15pmReformer classDebbie Greaves
12:15–1:15pmMat beginners & mixed abilityClare Hoddinott
12:45-1:45pmReformer classDebbie Greaves