Gentle, meditative movements and still postures help to feel and harmonise the energy field inside and around the body. Qigong improves flexibility and balance and builds strength and resistance against illness. A deeply healing, nurturing way to exercise and  pay attention to yourself, it calms and relaxes, but leaves you energized.

Eva Warman Qigong teacher

Eva Warman first came across Qigong while living in Vienna, in a course at the Buddhist Centre in 1983/84.

After moving to Britain in 1985, Qigong entered her life again during her Shiatsu training. Inspired by her final year Shiatsu teacher Daverick Leggett, who was at that time also qualifying as a Qigong tutor with Master Zhixing Wang, she started attending regular training courses with both these teachers. Her practice is an ongoing journey of deepening her understanding of working with the Qi (energy), both in personal study and with her teachers.

This particular style, created by Zhixing Wang, is called Hua Gong. It especially promotes healing and transformation. She also teaches other widely known forms , and acupressure points for common ailments.

She has taught classes in Frome for many years. These classes are designed to help with deep relaxation and re-connecting with your own body and energy state. Qigong has helped many people to be calmer, more energized and get rid of aches and pains.

Eva also offers Shiatsu.


Mondays – 12:00 – 1:15

Fridays – 9:30 – 10:45


Booked in advance half termly £12 per class / £15 drop in

For more information please contact Eva Warman:

01373 464 520 / eva_warman@hotmail.co.uk