How to join, prices and terms

Our Pilates Classes

We have mat and Reformer classes, as well as specialised classes for bone health and rehabilitation.

Mat classes have both studio and online options available. Max 12 clients.

Cost: £12 per mat class

Reformer classes are only available in studio. Max 4 clients. Click here to find out more about Reformer classes.

Cost: £18 per Reformer class

If you can’t make a class you are able to swap into another class using our online booking system.

Book a class

To enquire and book you will need to email us.

In your enquiry email please include:

  • any information about your health or if you have been referred by specialist practitioner
  • if you are looking for a class (mat or Reformer) or regular 1:1 sessions and your preferred time
  • any information about your previous Pilates experience, if any

Are you new to Pilates?

We ask new joiners to complete a health enrolment form. You will need a 1:1 session with a teacher before joining if you are new to Pilates, or if you have a health condition or injury. Please let us know this information when you contact us.

The 1:1 will include an assessment of your movement ability and any limitations so we can best address your needs. A 1:1 is an individual session with you and the teacher. It is beneficial to learn the principles of Pilates in a 1:1 setting which will help you achieve optimum results.

Cost: £60 for joining 1:1 (1 hour 15 min)

Cost: £70 for joining 2:1 (1 hour 15 min)

We provide ongoing 1:1 (and 2:1) sessions for clients who need or prefer to have a more personalised experience.

Cost: from £50 for ongoing 1:1 sessions (1 hour)

Cost: £60 for ongoing 2:1 sessions (1 hour)

We require 48 hours notice of cancellation of a 1:1 or you will be charged for the full cost.

Please come prepared and dressed to exercise in this session.

Click here to view our term dates.

Our enrolment terms

We operate on a half-termly basis (in line with school terms) and we ask all our clients to commit to half term blocks paid in advance. We know that the real benefits of Pilates come from a regular supported practice.

Once you have a place in a class we will re-enrol you every term so that you have priority for that place.

If you decide not to re-enrol for the following half term, we require 2 weeks notice. This is the minimum needed for us to be able to fill your space. We will charge you for two weeks if you are unable to give us this notice.

We do not refund or offer discount for missed classes. We have an online class swap system which allows you to post and make up classes.

Please remember it is important to inform your Teacher of any changes to your health or wellbeing and it is your responsibility to do this at the start of every class.

For our full class guidelines click here.

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