INVITING INTIMACY – a Conscious Relating Workshop

Led by Nicola Foster and Jason Porthouse

Saturday 18th – 19th Sunday November 2023

Inviting Intimacy is a two-day workshop exploring your connections with others, and deepening your ‘first intimacy’ – the connection with yourself.

Intimacy is the doorway to meaningful connections and loving relationships. True intimacy is built on bringing all parts of ourselves to a relationship – even those we label as ‘bad’.

Whether you desire to deepen relationships with your partner, your lover, your friends or your family, this workshop offers you tools and insights to practice being more authentic.

Over the course of the weekend, you will be invited to 

 Explore desires, attraction, and presence and how more honesty can transform relationships
• Be fully human, welcoming vulnerability and embracing all the different aspects of your being
• Exercises to explore relationship patterns and deepen awareness of boundaries, patterns and desires

The workshop will include movement, meditation, guided exercises, movement, circle time, sharing, and personal reflection. We invite you to join this nourishing and playful space, and awaken to your full potential! 

Suitable for both individuals and intimate partners. The workshop is all fully clothed.

Nicola Foster is a relationship and intimacy therapist and teacher. She began learning about love and relationships with Jan Day in 2011, and now offers online courses and coaching. Her mission is to help people create, repair and deepen their intimate relationships.

Jason Porthouse is Nicola’s partner and has been studying with Jan Day since 2018. A member of the Spiritual Companions network, he too is a School of Being teacher, equally passionate about the transformations possible through conscious relating.

To find out more, or book visit Tel: 07813 125 587

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