with Eva Warman Date: Saturday 28 February Time:11am-12.30pm

Cost: £15

Sometimes it is really nice to do some simple body work on each other, through clothing, with guidance from an experienced practitioner. Most people like their shoulders and back massaged, and it is surprisingly nice to use palm pressure on arms and legs, and do some stretching, squeezing feet and holding aching places quietly with warm hands. If you want to meet up in a small group (3-6) to give each other some simple Shiatsu and receive warm, caring touch in return, join us in the window room at Pure Moves

We have the option of working either on a futon or a massage table, blankets and cushions wilbe provided. Please contact Eva Warman for more information and to book a place early, the group is getting very popular. The intention is to offer a Share session once a month, so look out for more if you can’t make this one!