with: Bea Fritzsching, Date: Saturday 24 October

Lately there has been a lot of attention in the press on the Yin Yoga practise, possibly as a reaction to the increasing emphasis on the dynamic in the last two decades.

‘Facing the Saber Tooth Tiger’ is an opportunity to discover both Yin and Yang qualities in yourselves and your yoga practicewhether you are 18 or 81.

Many Yoga postures offer variations of both Yin and Yang that together complete wholeness. With Yang the dynamic male principle you can acknowledge and take a stand for manifesting your intentions in an active way. The Yang postures offer a utility of courage so that you are ready to step right in with kindness instead of shutting down. With Yin the feminine receptive principle: listen inward, become aware of your unique inner song. The Yin postures release deep rooted tensions which have prevented us from feeling our fullest, as we literally have gotten too much of a grip on ourselves.

Learn to tailor your practice, depending on your needs and constitution: Part One: Yang focused, ‘Taking a stand’ includes dynamic yoga sequence with options for all levels, a relaxation and a guided meditation.

Part Two: Yin Focused, ‘Gazing softly’ includes postural work, breath work and a Yoga Nidra, an ultimate Yin practice in which we can dissolve old patterns and set new intentions by not even moving a finger… For those who don’t know Yoga Nidra : It means Yogic sleep and one hour of this practice is the equivalent of 4 hours deep sleep- with all the rejuvenating benefits.

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