Pure Moves Gift Certificates can buy any of the following:
Acupuncture, Bodytalk, Homeopathy, Hypnotherapy, Kinesiology, Massage, Osteopathy, Reflexology, Shiatsu. Plus Classes – Pilates, Yoga and Qi Gong


 We also have a range of Pilates accessories available to buy including toe socks (back in stock at last!) and spiky balls, both a treat for your feet. Pilates bands give a real stretch and Pilates DVDs will motivate your home practice.

  • Pilates Over Ball £7
  • Pilates resistance bands £6
  • Spiky Balls blue (10cms) £7
  • Spiky Balls yellow(8cms) £6
  • Toe Socks – £7
  • Pilates DVDs – full details below – special offer £10 to Pure Moves clients

Bundle it all together and buy a Pure Moves Pilates Starter Pack which includes a Real People DVD, resistance band and Pilates Over Ball, for just £20 – all in a gift bag.

DVDs – with Liz Chandler
Special Offer to Clients : £10 each or two for £17

Real People –Pilates for Over 50s (volume 1)
A mind body exercise system with profound results

Real People – Pilates for over 50s (volume 2)
Experienced Beginner and Intermediate workout
Stay fit, healthy and flexible

Real People – Pilates: Intermediate Workout
Strengthen, Balance, Mobilise.
Please ask your teacher or contact the Pure Moves office on 01373 466 464, or email us at to make a purchase.