NEW Therapy available…

With: Kat Knecht (Jotipal Kaur)

Benefits includes: Reduction of swelling, Decrease in join pain, Weight Loss, Increase energy, Sinus drainage, Regulation of bowel movements,  Boost immune system, Detoxify the body, Release stuck emotion from the body. Also supports those with cancer

‘I feel truly blessed to have received a lymphatic drainage treatment of Jotipal today. I experienced the power innate in her gentle touch to open, cleanse and release flows of energy into areas that had previously felt tender and blocked. The impact of this healing treatment goes beyond that which is seen, into those hidden depths that need release. An emotional freeing. A physical breath of air. I would recommend Jotipal to anyone who wants healing from one who embodies love, compassion and the wisdom of what she does. With a heart-full of gratitude. Thank you Jotipal’  Lisa Woods

BOOK: Contact Kat on 07774553227 to make an appointment