with: Liz Chandler
Date: Saturday 28 January 2017
Time: 10:15 – 17:30
Cost:  £125.00

Suitable for: This workshop is aimed at practising Pilates Teachers

Stiff and imbalanced hips are common dysfunctions within our Pilates clients. These dysfunctions, if left uncorrected may lead to misalignment of the pelvis, poor lumbo-pelvic stability and back pain. This practical workshop will cover ways to improve the stability and mobility of the hip and re-balance dysfunctions with Pilates. Through cues and handling techniques, we will explore some evolved and classical mat work repertoire to pave the way to healthy hips. Remember healthy hips are paramount to a healthy back!

Course Objectives

  • Experience the exercises on your own body
  • Learn to see compensations patterns and correct the movement accordingly
  • Explore handling cues to help facilitate movement, correct faulty movement patterns and improve alignment with in the exercises
  • Experience a variety of verbal cues to heighten client’s performance and somatic experience of the exercises
  • Apply contraindication knowledge and learn to adjust accordingly
  • Discuss common hip pathologies, current studies and resources
  • Learn ways to apply exercises to improve gait efficiency

The discussion of hip pathologies, contraindications, and exercise applications will be included throughout the workshop and there will be time to observe the demonstration of exercises and add your personal notes to the exercise course notes provided.

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