KNEES with Clare Hoddinott
Wednesday 22nd July, 6pm-7:15pm, £15 per person

Stiff knees? Achy knees? Weak knees?

Could your knees be taking the strain from your stiff hips, restricted ankles or collapsed foot arches? Knees are halfway between the foot/ankle and the hip/pelvis areas and often take the brunt of the effort and become a weak link within the kinetic chain. Improving the strength and mobility of the muscles and joints above and below the knee will allow for loads to be distributed more evenly, helping to improve mobility, confidence and reducing feelings of stiffness and pain.

In this class we will look at these areas and practice a progressive set of exercises proven to strengthen the knees. You will be given a list of exercises so that you continue practicing at home at your own pace. 
Equipment required: a rolling pin, a tennis ball and a theraband. 

BOOKING: contact Clare – 07870 482 331