online workshop: FREE YOUR SHOULDERS with Clare Hoddinott

FREE YOUR SHOULDERS with Clare Hoddinott
Tuesday 13th April, 6pm – 7:15pm, £15 includes handouts

Modern lifestyles often mean we are sat a lot, whether that’s at a desk for work or commuting.Our head is drawn forwards, our shoulders hunch and our back rounds, as we fatigue and slouch. Over time this posture is maintained when we are away from our desks and it becomes a normal ingrained habit. 

Tightness in the upper back and shoulders can cause a restriction of movement in the shoulder girdle, leading to an imbalance of muscle use – areas can become stiff, overworked, weak, in spasm or inflamed.

In this class we will focus on releasing tension in your shoulders using the breath, movement and balls. 

BOOKING: contact Clare – 07870 482 331
Please book by Thursday 1st April.