28th May – 4th June, 2022 (Saturday til Saturday)

Join Liz and Bea for a week of heart centred yoga and Pilates at Tigmi, a retreat hotel that will redefine your idea of relaxation…

Now that travel has opened up again we are so excited to announce this special opportunity to breathe in the sunshine in peaceful surroundings with the gift of movement, breath, time and space.

Tucked away from the hubbub of Marrakech on the outskirts of a traditional Moroccan Berber village, with the snow-capped Atlas Mountains and distant lights of Marrakech as your backdrop. Plenty of secluded corners, two swimming pools, a hammam and a rooftop studio to enjoy daily yoga and Pilates classes with plenty of time to relax and unwind. There are opportunities to visit the Atlas Mountains or the souks in Marrakech. 

This retreat runs during the UK half term break, a perfect chance for teachers and those who are tied to the school calendar to escape. We offer non-participating rates for partners and older children. Tigmi is also able to offer extra nights before or after the retreat dates so that you can take advantage of the reduced flight costs around that time.

Liz and Bea successfully interweave the beauty of yoga and Pilates, demonstrating how they influence and deepen each others practice. Their unique approach and timetable makes it possible to cater to all levels from the novice to the teacher. 

For more detailed info please visit Liz’s¬†retreat website:¬†www.yoga-retreat.co.uk

“The retreat was amazing! Bea and Liz are incredibly experienced and caring teachers and guides. IT was a wonderful learning experience in a gorgeous setting!” Edith, Tigmi 2018


“I give this retreat my highest possible recommendation, it really changed my approach to meditation and yoga. A wonderful place to relax and recuperate. Thanks so much Bea and Liz !!” Gina 2019 retreat


“I learned how Yoga and Pilates can make my regular workout (running, swimming, gym) more effective and safer in terms of preventing injuries. Liz And Bea really understand the science behind the methods. It was an eye opening experience.” Robert, Tigmi 2018