Studio update June 2020

First up, a heartfelt thanks for the amazing support our community gave to Liz’s Masks for NHS Heroes Charity class on Wednesday 15th April.  This SINGLE CLASS raised a massive £1250.00 💙
Thank you, so much.

Musings on the Coronavirus and how Pilates has helped us cope… 
In a recent blog post by Pilates teacher, Samm Lou Vince, asked these 3 questions. They seem so relevant, right now. 
– How has Pilates prepared us for this moment?
– And how can Pilates help us now?
– And how will it help our future? 

Perhaps you haven’t really considered before the ultimate self-investment you are making by attending your weekly class; that your consistent Pilates practice has equipped your mind and body with the dynamic skills which are now vital for keeping strong, resilient and protected. 

It has never been a better time to join a Pilates class
We are opening up our Thursday 2pm – 3pm Live Zoom class with Sophy to anyone who hasn’t done Pilates before. This class is a slow-paced level and there will be some chair work, so it will be great for people who need rehabilitation or those with limited mobility. 
Please contact us to join: 

Zoom classes and making up 
If you can’t make your Zoom regular class, you can still post and swap classes on ClassSwap in the usual way. If you have misplaced your Zoom links we sent to you at the start of half term, they can also be found on your class page in ClassSwap. 

DIY props for Zooming
You may have already got your homemade Pilates prop kit sorted – if not, here are some ideas for your next Zoom class. Remember to keep a bundle of these items in hand’s reach, before your class starts!