QIGONG SPECIAL with Eva Warman
Thursday 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th July, 4pm-5pm
£10 for one session, or £30 for 4

Session One “Qigong for a calm Heart, reducing Anxiety”
Gentle movements to calm jittery energy, help to ground you and strengthen the Heart.

Session Two “Qigong for the Lungs”
Opening the chest, keeping the shoulders free and working Lung meridian and points.

Session Three “Qigong for good Digestion”
Grounding and earthing ourselves and working on Stomach energy, clearing stagnation in the abdomen.

Session Four “Qigong for better Sleep”
Calming and settling our heart, finding stillness with quiet movements and postures.

BOOKING: contact Eva – 01373 464 520
(If you are experiencing financial difficulties we are happy to offer concessions.)