Trish Smith

trish-smithContact Trish: – 07496 193 516

Trish was born in Zimbabwe and moved to South Africa for her secondary school years. She has always been keen and active in a variety of sports from swimming, running, cycling, ballet, gymnastics and tennis. Her husband is an exploration geologist so they lived in many different places in Africa often in the middle of nowhere so self motivation to keep active and sane was a priority. Both her parents had polio when they were young and initially walked with the aid of  crutches and were later confined to  a wheelchair. They were very independent and this definitely showed her how important it is for our bodies working together with our minds to help us become and stay more independent and mobile. This lead to her passion to understand more about the link between our mind and body and she completed her BSc (Hons) Psychology  in 2013.

Trish was introduced to Pilates in 2010 after suffering from a running injury and fell in love with the whole technique and quality of the body movement ethos. She started training to be a Pilates teacher in 2011 in the New York Classical Method qualifying in 2012. Fascinated with the science behind the Pilates method she continued her studies through BASI (Body Arts and Science International) in South Africa.  She has been teaching Pilates ever since and continue to learn more everyday through the interaction with her clients.

Contact Trish: – 07496 193 516