Jane Langley

jane-pilates-class240Contact Jane: janeslangley@hotmail.com – 0777 355 3327

Jane is a movement addict, having danced since she was three. When she undertook a degree in Fine Art Sculpture she created a dance installation work for her final show and realised she just had to move. Since then Jane has achieved more than ten years’ experience working professionally in dance and movement, which in addition to Pilates, includes teaching, performing and choreographing African and Caribbean dance and also working as an assistant in a Dance Therapy studio.

After several years with an undiagnosed prolapsed disc, Jane tried working in an office, but found she just couldn’t sit still!  She retrained as a teacher of Art at Cambridge University where she also taught classes in Dance and Physical Theatre. During this time Jane underwent a discectomy and for rehabilitation practised Pilates religiously. She has never stopped.

After 14+ years of practising Pilates, Jane went on to qualify to teach in 2016 with The Pilates Foundation – one of the leading Pilates associations in the UK. Jane’s classes are fun and engaging and it is important to her that Pilates is taken into everyday life and not just something that you do in a class. Jane thoroughly enjoys sharing the benefits of Pilates and her love of movement with others. Since her initial training, Jane’s professional development has continued, working specifically with MS (multiple sclerosis) clients and attending courses which focus on healthy hips, osteoporosis and biomechanics.

Jane is passionate about Pilates and feels it has changed her life for the better, maintaining not just the body, but also the mind with a sense of wellbeing.

Contact Jane: janeslangley@hotmail.com – 0777 355 3327