Tessa Clist

Contact Tessa: arcpilates@gmail.com –  07912 893 371

Tessa was introduced to Pilates in 1999 by an early convert to the method, after injuring her back.

A keen horse-rider, athlete and gymnast in her youth, she had often suffered from back and joint pain, much later discovering she had joint hypermobility.

After trying a few Pilates classes and quickly gaining relief from recurring bouts of pain (not to mention the happy side-effect of a stronger, better toned body!) she has practiced both matwork and equipment Pilates religiously ever since.

After studying Fine Art at university and a career in interior styling, she went on to study anatomy, physiology and massage before completing her Matwork training with the Pilates Foundation in London in 2010. After relocating to Somerset she then completed the studio equipment training at the renowned and respected Scott Studio in Castle Cary in 2013.

Tessa is qualified to teach pre- and post-natal Pilates, and is constantly adding to her knowledge with courses and workshops with such names as Polestar Pilates, Eric Franklin, Balanced Body and The Center for Women’s Fitness. With a particular interest in fascia and self-massage techniques, she is evangelical on the benefits of rolling for self-myofascial release in combination with the Pilates method. Her aim is that all her clients have fun and feel taller and looser at the end of a class.


Contact Tessa: arcpilates@gmail.com –  07912 893 371