Debbie Greaves

Contact Debbie: – 07791 659463

Debbie was recommended to do pilates following a rock-climbing accident 15 years ago after which she refused surgery to her neck. Her personal experience of the rehabilitation process enabled her to relate to movement impairment due to both actual pain, and also anticipated pain. This first-hand knowledge of injury has shown her how important it is to re-establish functional movement throughout the whole body as soon as possible. The pilates was so successful that Debbie was eventually able to return to rock-climbing and running, and also prompted her to train as a Pilates teacher, leaving a successful banking career in London.

Whilst teaching matwork classes in North Cornwall, Debbie also worked as a Physio Assistant in a community hospital on an Elderly Care Ward working alongside Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists to establish rehabilitation programmes for elderly patients.

Although not a competitive runner, Debbie’s love of running prompted her to train as a Natural Running Coach for Running Form and Technique with Lee Saxby at Vivobarefoot in 2012. A bike accident made it too painful to run and physio after physio advised her to forget running and buy a bike! Her determination to succeed has allowed her to continue running recreationally and the techniques and exercises learnt have crossed over into her pilates teaching.

Above all, Debbie likes her classes to be fun. She feels it is very important for you to understand why you are doing certain exercises so you can continue to practice safely and correctly at home. Expect to be given homework in her classes!

Debbie originally qualified to teach matwork with Body Control Pilates in 2004 and has successfully taught weekly mat classes since then. She has continued to train with Body Control Pilates and in 2011 qualified to teach beginners / intermediate Reformer. She has since completed the training course for Ladder Barrel and Wunda Chair with Body Control, and also the Pilates Arc with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute(APPI). In 2013 she undertook a 12 month studio equipment training programme with the Pilates Studio in Bristol which is affiliated to Alan Herdman, and she received her studio qualification through them in September 2014. She continues to update her training annually and has undertaken training courses with leading pilates training providers such as Body Control, APPI, Balanced Body etc. She hopes to undertake further equipment training next year with The Scott Studio.

Contact Debbie:  – 07791 659463

Debbie Greaves