With: Marie Moxey
Date:  Saturday Afternoons – 5 Nov to 17 Dec plus 7 to 21 Jan
Time: 1.00 pm – 3.30 pm

Cost: £95 – 10 Week Course

This course will be an informative introduction to the mineral kingdom.  Each week we will begin with a 30 minute crystal meditation.  Then crystal teaching and discussion.  This course will provide you with knowledge on the qualities and attributes of different crystals and how they link to the chakras.  Including knowledge on the healing properties of crystals, cleansing, dedicating and programming your crystals, crystals in history, elementals of the mineral kingdom and much more.

NB. This crystal course can be extended into a year long VTCT qualification –
CRYSTAL THERAPY (VTCT AWARD – LEVEL 3) Please contact Marie for details.

BOOKING: Contact Marie at   or call 07595 752 704