Workshop on Osteoporosis for Pilates teachers and other exercise professionals

with Liz Chandler

Date: Saturday 10 September
Time:10:00  5:00 pm
Cost: £125.00 (115.00 if booked before July 15th)

On average 50% of women and 25% of men, over 50 years, have osteopenia or osteoporosis. Staggeringly, because it is not routinely tested for, most people dont even know they have it until they experience a bone fracture – in fact 70% of sufferers go undiagnosed.
It is important that Pilates teachers and exercise professionals understand the facts about bone health. Understanding how exercise and diet can help to build and nourish bone strength, or harm and deplete bone mass is vital in keeping our clients strong, healthy and fracture free.

In this workshop Liz will be including and building on research and work done by NOF, NOS and Pilates industry specialists who work in this area such as Sheri Betz, Sara Meeks, Rebekah Rotstein and Teresa Marchok
Objectives of workshop

  • Learn about bone health and differences of osteoporosis and osteopenia
  • Understand Bone Density Scores
  • Learn about bone mass and bone quality and how this relates to fracture risk
  • Learn about prevention: diet and exercise – natural approaches to bone health
  • Learn about common drugs given for osteoporosis
  • Learn about contraindicated movements and exercises
  • Learn safe protocols for working with clients with osteoporosis
  • Upgrade your knowledge with the latest bone and exercise research
  • Learn how to make educated exercise choices for bone safety and health
  • Explore and discuss Pilates based exercises that help to build bone mass
  • Receive recommendations about preventing fractures
  • Receive info on resources for current research for bone health

NB: This workshop will be mostly theory-based, in the form of a lecture

Comments from this workshop presented in Salisbury on 10 June 2016:

Thank you so very much for a fantastic and informative day on Saturday. I feel so much more confident in dealing with clients who are unsure of what and what not to do. Many thanks and again a really useful day – best workshop for me!

Tracey Scott-Masson

Dear Liz…It was lovely to meet you yesterday and thank you so much for a great lecture. There was so much useful information that I can now share with my clients, not to mention some great newexercises.

Louise Lyus
BOOKING: Contact Liz for more information or to make a booking